Here’s the plan. I’m going to read a book from every country. Why?

I love to read. I also love to travel. So naturally I love reading about foreign places and cultures. However, most of what I’ve read so far has been written from the westerner’s point of view and limited experience. To gain any real insight into another culture, its history and alternative perspectives, I better check out what’s local.

The rules are simple. Books should be written by a native author and set in the country of choice. I am also choosing books of contemporary prose – something of fiction, non-fiction, biography or memoir within the last 100 years – and steering clear of plays.  There will be absolutely no poetry since I’ve never like the style. I will also include my rating for each book along the lines of this:

5.0 = Loved it! This should be in everyone’s collection!
4.5 = Fantastic! Go buy it now.
4.0 = Great story. Highly recommend it.
3.5 = Enjoyable and worth a read.
3.0 = Acceptable. Take it or leave it.
2.5 = OK but not for me.
2.0 = Tolerable. Get it from the library.
1.5 = Really bad. Don’t bother.
1.0 = Horrible. Burn it!

I haven’t yet made my selection for every country and I’ve heard that some English translations may be difficult to find. So if you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you.

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