I love multi-day treks. I love the simplicity of focusing on nothing other than getting from A to B by the power of my own two feet. Trekking day after day challenges the body and soul on many levels, often excruciating, but ultimately empowering. So the list of epic treks I want to attempt keeps growing. Here are my accounts of them.

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Heavenly father, look down on us your humble adventure seeking trekkers who are doomed to travel this earth taking photographs with a selfie stick. Charm our way village to village  as we walk around in drip-dry underwear. Give us this day divine guidance in the selection of routes that we may find the set of tracks we followed to be correct and lead us to our destination. May the huts and campsites welcome our late arrival and our jetboil fuel never run out. Lead us, dear Lord, to good, inexpensive restaurants where the food is superb, the waiters friendly and beer included in the price. We pray for the wisdom to stock up on food like squirrels for winter as we never know when we will see a village next. Give us the wisdom to haggle correctly in currencies we don’t understand. Forgive us for under-haggling out of stubbornness and over-haggling out of fear. Make the locals love us for what we are, and not for what we can contribute to their worldly goods. Grant us the strength to traverse through these miles ahead, cautiously stepping through every mountain passage, given directions by kind strangers and crossing rivers without flooding our boots. And if perchance we skip an historic monument to take a nap, have mercy on us, for our flesh is weak and the locals brought out their home brew last night.  ~ Unknown